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A power outage can cost a homeowner as much as $15,000 between the costs of mold and flood remediation, emergency supplies, spoiled food and lodging expenses should the homeowner be displaced because of the outage. In comparison, the cost of a whole house generator starts around $4,200 (not including installation costs).

Many homeowners think it’s difficult, costly and time-consuming to install a standby generator. Cummins QuietConnect generators were designed with those installing it in mind: load add/shed is built into the controller logic; remote monitoring is plug and play; and changing between NG and LP is as easy as a flip of a switch.  And with the help of GCATS as your Authorized Cummins dealer, we have in-depth product knowledge, all the required professional licenses, and have met the rigorous Cummins standards to perform installations, warranty repairs and a full range of services.

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Home Standby Generators


The size of your generator depends on how much power you need. Do you want to back up your whole house or just select appliances? It usually comes down to your budget and how comfortable you want to be during an outage. We're happy to help find the perfect fit for your needs and even provide a custom installation quote to connect it to your home. Fill out our Generator calculator below and we will be in touch soon to help. 

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